Minuet in D (violin and piano) level 2.5


Title: Minuet in D

Composer: W. A. Mozart, arr. David Gable

Instrumentation: Violin and Piano

Printout: 3 pages

Note: Uses first and third position with fourth finger extension. Use of third position would make this piece comparable to Suzuki book 4, though it is less demanding than the Seitz or Vivaldi concerti in that volume. It serves well as an extra practice piece for working on the timing of shifts or as a piece for working on reading. I like it as a preparatory piece to the Vivaldi A Minor concerto.

Skills: first and third position, with alternative fingerings for second position (in parentheses); scalar passages; fourth finger extension in third position; grace notes; staccato and detache bowings with occasional short slurs.


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