Level 3.0 (violin)

Level 3.0 repertoire is suitable for those whose technical skills have advanced to the point of playing through fifth position and using all of the fundamental right and left hand skills. Many of the pieces in this category are suitable for professional use, either as incidental pieces or as recital repertoire.

3.0: May move into fourth or fifth position; full use of left hand techniques in lower positions; may use more complex bowing and rhythmic patterns; may use frequent string crossings; may require frequent and quick changing of finger settings; may use simple double stops and chords; may occasionally use more difficult double stops, but not in long sequences.

Comparable repertoire: Dvorak, Sonatina op. 100; Handel, Sonata in F Major; Haydn G Major Concerto; Kreisler, Liebesleid; Vivaldi A minor concerto; Playing in the Positions, volumes 3 and 4.