Level 2.5 (violin)

Level 2.5 repertoire is suitable for students who are developing fluency in third position and are beginning to explore second position.

2.5: May use separate bows, staccato, portato, slurs of up varying length; may use hooked bows, double up bows, bow recovery lifts; more frequent crossing of strings; may use first through third position; may use extensions; uses more frequent repositioning of fingers; uses more varied bow and rhythm patterns and more frequent string crossings; may use simple double stops and/or chords.

Comparable repertoire: Bohm, Perpetual Motion; Dancla, Aires Varies op. 89; Mollenhauer, Boy Paganini; Seitz Student Concerto no. 5; Suzuki Violin School, volume 3-4; Playing in the Positions, volumes 1 and 2.