Level 1.5 (violin)

Solos at level 1.5 are more challenging than those for beginners, but remain focused on basic technical and musical skills. Flats and minor keys may occur, as may meters like 6/8 and 6/4.

1.5: Entirely in first position; full use of all finger settings in first position, including fourth finger; no fast changes of finger placement; may use slurs of up to four notes; may use double up bows; may use bow recovery lifts; may use all four strings, but remains primarily on middle and upper strings; may mix staccato and cantabile strokes; may use portato bowing; may use hooked bowing.

Comparable repertoire: arrangements of selections from Bach’s “Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach”; Kroll, Donkey Doodle, Banjo and Fiddle; Introducing the Violin, second half of volume 1; Suzuki Violin School, volume 2.