Elementary String Series

The Elementary String Series consists of short, easy compositions intended to introduce students to the joys of ensemble playing. Many are rounds and canons, which are quintessential teaching tools because everyone plays the melody and all can learn the theme together before playing in parts. Many are easy settings of international folk songs, making them ideal for multi-cultural programming. Others are imaginative compositions on themes children can identify with. All pieces include parts for two violins, viola, cello and contrabass. All can be performed without contrabass, and most have alternative parts for violin or cello that can be used in the absence of a violist. Many also have advanced violin or cello parts for the precocious players. Basic parts are comparable to ASTA level 1 in difficulty.

All arrangements and original compositions are copyright, however the purchaser has permission to make photocopies of parts for classroom and performance use. All other rights are reserved.