Level 1.0 (violin)

Violin Solos Level 1.0

The solos in this category are suitable for students who have learned the most basic fundamentals but need repertoire to help them practice and extend their skills. They are also suitable as reading practice pieces for students whose playing skills have advanced to level 2.0. Special attention has been placed on selecting material that is imaginative and engaging and represents a variety of world cultures.

1.0: Entirely in first position; occasional repositioning of fingers (primarily use of high/low second finger); fingers are not repositioned in rapid succession; may use fourth finger; primarily separate bows; may use short slurs; may use double up bows; may use hooked bowings; uses primarily middle and upper strings, with possible occasional use of G string; may use bow recovery lifts; may use other easy techniques, such as pizzicato; simple rhythms, but more varied than level 0.5.

Comparable repertoire: Introducing the Violin, middle of volume 1; Suzuki Violin School, second half of volume 1.