Dance of Hercules (violin and piano) level 1.0


Title: Dance of Hercules

Composer: Tielman Susato, arr. David Gable

Instrumentation: Violin and Piano

Printout: 2 pages

Note: Bowing patterns are consistent with pieces at the end of Suzuki volume 1. My students have always enjoyed this march-like tune and imagining the mythical Greek hero trying to dance to it (he was renowned for his strength, not his grace). The meter change is tricky for some until they get the feel of keeping the half note pulse as the new one-bar pulse. The 3/4 section is essentially a metric variation of the theme.

Skills: 2/2 time and 3/4 time; G Major; staccato; hooked bows; double up bows; bow recovery lifts; meter change


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