Ouverture to Cephale et Procris (string trio)


Title: Ouverture to the opera Cephale et Procris

Composer: Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, arr. David Gable

Instrumentation: Violin; Violin 2/Viola; Cello

Printout: 8 pages

Note: Cephale et Procris is Jacquet de La Guerre’s sole surviving opera. An extraordinary work, it was not successful and only received a few performances, largely due to King Louis XIV’s loss of interest in opera. The overture consists of three parts. The first, though not so notated, should be performed with the eighth notes inégales. The third section was not written with dotted rhythms by Jacquet de La Guerre, but a copy made by Sebastien de Brossard includes the dotted rhythms. Brossard’s copy gives French tempo indications in some parts, Italian in others, so both have been included here.


Other prologue music is available (in performance order): (Ouverture); Rondeau; Passepied et Duo; Marche pour Nerée; Loure et Chanson; Gigue


This publication includes alternative parts for both violin 2 and viola.


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