Loure, from Sonata in C, op. 8 no. 6 (violin duo)


Title: Loure, from Sonata in C, op. 8 no. 6

Composer: Nicolas Chédeville, arr. David Gable

Instrumentation: Two Violins

Printout: 2 pages

Note: This loure is the only French movement in an otherwise Italian-themed sonata. It is slow and graceful in character. The name of the dance may derive from a small bagpipe-like instrument of the same name. Chédeville was himself an accomplished performer on the musette, another variety of bagpipe, and the sonatas of op. 8 were written to to be playable by two musettes, two flutes, two oboes, or two violins.

Also available in the Bargain Bundle Nicolas Chédeville, selected movements from Sonata in C Major, op. 8 no. 6, “L’Italienne”.


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