Twelve Duos, KV 487 – Set 3 – No. 9 – 12 (viola duo)


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Title: W. A. Mozart, Twelve Duos, KV 487, Set 3 arranged for Two Violas

Composer: W. A. Mozart, arr. David Gable

Instrumentation: Two Violas

Contents: 9. Menuetto; 10. Andante; 11. Menuetto; 12. Allegro

Note: These duos are excellent for both gig and concert use. Many versions are in awkward keys for strings, in inconvenient score form, or laden with errors. These arrangements are in C and G, and they are based on the authoritative 1802 Vienna publication.

Audio samples are available on pages for the individual duets. Just click on the highlighted titles to listen.



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