Dance of Hercules (cello and piano) level 1.5


Title: Dance of Hercules

Composer: Tielman Susato, arr. David Gable

Instrumentation: Cello and Piano

Printout: 2 pages

Note: To put it mildly, the Greco-Roman hero Herakles/Hercules was not known for his grace or elegance. Students find it entertaining to imagine him attempting to dance to any tune, but especially to one that changes meters. This arrangement is useful for working on hooked bows, double up bows, and dotted rhythms. From a left hand point of view, it is not difficult, but the meter changes are challenging enough to make it a level 1.5 solo.

Skills: G Major; 2/2 and 3/4 time; meter changes; dotted rhythms in duple and triple meter; hooked bows, staccato double up-bows; bow recovery lift; entirely in first position on D and A strings.


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