Autumn Airs (cello and piano) level 0.5


Title: Autumn Airs

Composer: traditional, arr. David Gable

Instrumentation: Cello and Piano

May be performed with the violin and viola versions.

Printout: 4 pages

Note: This medley consists of two folk songs from Germany and a third from the former Yugoslavia. Given the limited technical scope of music for beginners, there is little music that offers the opportunity to experience modern idioms. Three Witches is set to a poly-tonal accompaniment that is in keeping with its somewhat eerie theme and provides a taste of twentieth century harmony. Audio sample gives the beginning of each tune.

Skills: D Major; 4/4 and 3/4 time; entirely on A and D strings; few string crossings; bow recovery lifts; third tune begins on up-beat; detached and smooth bowings. Difficulty approximately equivalent to early pieces in Suzuki Vol. 1.


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