Scène Champêtre (Country Scenes) (string trio – 2 violins and cello)


Title: Scène Champêtre (Country Scenes)

Composer: Gabriel Allier, arr. David Gable

Instrumentation: Two Violins and Cello

Printout: 8 pages

Note: Originally scored for a range of different possible instrumentations, Scène Champêtre is well suited to strings. Like most such idylls, it reflects an image of country life that exists more in the imagination of urbanites than in the reality of rural populations. It is, however, appealing and accessible music well suited for light concert or gig use. The first violin part in this setting is playable on flute or oboe. The violin 2 part has a few low B naturals, and may need to be adapted for playing on the flute.


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