Old Joe Clarke (elementary strings)


Title: Old Joe Clarke, arr. David Gable

Key: D Mixolydian (Key signature is for D, but all Cs are naturals.)

Meter: 2/4

Tempo: Allegro con brio

Genre: folk song

Origin: Appalachia (United States)

Markings: dynamics (mf; f); upbow; grace notes; accidentals; Dal Segno al Fine; Fine

Instrumentation: Violin 1; Violin 2; Viola/Violin 3; Cello; Bass (optional)

Note: This is a well-known and enjoyable fiddle tune, suitable for students who have had some playing experience but are still in the “beginner” range. Grace notes may be played as slides.; requires high and low placement of second finger for violin and viola; familiar, systematic rhythms; double up bows; all instruments play melody at some point; all parts are playable in first position.


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