Che Che Kule


This is a call and response children’s song from Ghana, though it is sung throughout many parts of Africa. Most of the words have no particular meaning; they are commonly used as a way of attracting a person’s attention, similar to “hey, you” in English. Kofi is a common name in Ghana. “Adende” does indicate up-and-down movement. Pronunciation is as follows: “Chay, chay koo-lay (repeat); Chay, chay koh-fee sah (repeat); koh-fee sah lang-gah (repeat); koom ah-den-day (repeat).” Traditionally the song is sung with movements as follows: 1) tap head 4 times with the beat; 2) tap shoulders 4 times with the beat while turning upper body from side to side; 3) hands on hips while turning upper body from side to side; 4) tap knees 4 times with the beat; 5) touch toes on “kum” then straighten up and place hands on hips on “adende”); 6) repeat #5; 7) lift hands over head on “hey!”


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