Level 5

Level 5 repertoire is suitable for advanced students and professional performers. It may require any of the advanced skills including high registers (though generally not beyond 7th position for any length of time) and virtuoso bow techniques, but is less demanding than the blockbuster virtuoso concerti and concert solos.

5.0: May use any standard bowing techniques including grand detache, staccato, marcato, spiccato, sautille, ricochet, up and down bow staccato, up and down bow portato, and long slurs; may use double stops and chords through seventh position; may have occasional passages beyond seventh position, including both stopped notes and harmonics; may use artificial harmonics; may use left hand pizzicato.

Repertoire examples: Bach A minor concerto; Bach, E Major Partita; Bartok, Romanian Folk Dances; De Beriot, Scene de Ballet; Kreisler, Praeludium and Allegro; Mozart D Major Concerto; Monti, Czardas; Nachez, Danzes Tziganes; Stravinsky, Suite Italienne; Wieniawski Obertass; Playing in the Positions volume 6.